Ms. Anju Kothari

Mantras 11 Studio is the brainchild of Ms. Anju Kothari, a vibrant, positive, spiritually inclined go-getter who stronlgy believes that each person has inner power and capability to reach the stars, it only needs to be brought out and polished and sometimes pushed. A teacher par-excellence for more than two decades, Anju has spearheaded many festivals, events, organisations chief among them being the Food Distribution initiative- 'Anndanam and Yuva', an initiative to promote sports and togetherness among the youth of Lokhandwala Township. Alongwith her husband she is at the forefront of many charitable causes for cancer patients, supporting education for the poor, food distribution and many more. Mantras 11 Studio was started when she felt the need for a place where men , women and children can focus their energies, their talent and hone their skills instead of whiling away their time aimlessly. With close to a 1000 registrations, innumerable events spanning various fields, Mantras 11 has grown into a development studio.

Ms. Ruchi Sharma

Ruchi Sharma, an HR professional by training has been associated with Mantras 11 Studio since its inception. An intelligent thinker and complete people person, Gave up her lucrative job to peruse her passion for empowering people by identifying and channelising their inherent potential through strategic coordination with experts in relevant fields. She has been instrumental in initiating round the year engagement activities catering to the needs of the diverse clientele and in turn making the Brand Mantras 11 progress to a different level.
In order to provide a platform for nationwide exposure in the field of performing arts, she has endeavored to initiate out of box activities like dance auditions conducted by channel Voot... etc
Ruchi is a passionate leader who with her strategic insights, Proactive attitude, creative ideas, business development and administrative skills is leaving no stone unturned to place Mantras11 as a pan India brand.

Ms. Preeti Phophaliya

The core team of Mantras 11 studio is a fine amalgamation of professionals from different fields thus bringing unique and creative ideas for the overall development of children, men and women alike. The programs conducted at Mantras 11 are reflective of the people who helm it. Mantras 11 studio offers all... Performing Arts, Health and Fintess, Brain development programs, Fun with Science.. You name it and we have it. Ms. Preeti Phophaliya, a fashion designer from INIFD, Jaipur was a technical director and fashion Faculty at International Polytechnic Design (IPD) and is now an important pillar at Mantras 11 Studio. She brings in creative ideas to promote various activities at Mantras 11 Studio which tickle the creative soul in every person. A kind, calm and composed person, Preeti is straightforward and polite.