Social Work

The team at Mantras 11 Studio strives to be an active part of society and we encourage one an all to be a part of these programs. In the past we have had an enthusiastic participation in our International Yoga Day Celebration. We acknowledge the 'Shakti' in every woman and also her efforts towards society thus each year Mantras 11 studio honours women who have contributed to society on our 'Women's Day Function'. In our effort to encourage young children to appreciate Indian Art and Culture, we hosted the first Kalaraska program of Dhwani School of Dance.


Mantras 11 in collaboration with Anokhi conducts Annadanam program for the underprivileged in Mumbai wherein food is prepared and distributed to around 300 people every week. Donations by people in form of food or cash is welcome.

Shihan Mayur Shukla - July 01, 2019
You cannot always control what goes on OUTSIDE, BUT You can always control what goes on INSIDE
Kala Rasika - April 21,2019
A concept which will connect you to the *Indian Arts* ... A platform where you will witness many *great artist coming together* to proudly present and teach you , rich Indian art from all arena.
Mantras 11
Celeberating The Grace, Elegance And Strength Mantras 11 - March 18, 2019

The Grace, Elegance And Strength... Yes Celeberating HER 4th Women's Day celebration graced at Mantras11 by women icon our corporator Ms Surekha Patil and by sporty mothers... who have not only shown their expertise as homemaker but also as sports person Mantras11 Salute them for all their achievements.

Proud Moment for Mantras