What is life without its various flavours? We at Mantras 11 are cognizant of this fact and so at regular intervals we conduct special programs which too are as vivid to suit the tastes and passions of all . These are The 2 week garba program, makeup mania, fitness course, karaoke program etc. We keep on reinventing ourselves so can you....

Mantras 11
Mantras 11 - Aug 01, 2019
Mantras11 introducing 16 session GARBA BHI FITNESS BHI programme with twice a week classes, spread over Aug and Sept..
Mantras 11
Look Glamorous Everyday. Ms. Piyushi Khandelwal - Mantras 11 - May 11, 2019
Tips and Tricks for a day and glam makeup with minimal products Goody bag.
Mantras 11
Junior Master Chef Mantras 11 - April 30, 2019
Mantras11 presents two amazing summer workshops .. *_JUNIOR MASTER CHEF_* for your lil hungry tummies ( Age 6 to 16yrs)
WISHING YOU MOST N MORE Sir Rohit Mandrulkar - March 11,2019
MANTRAS11 with fitness expert Sir Rohit Mandrulkar presents *"NO EXCUSE"* full body 15 days *Fitness Challenge* starting from 11th march ( Unisex batch)
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