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About Mantras

Mantras 11, the multi activity studio was conceptualised five years ago by Ms. Anju Kothari with the vision to provide the residents with opportunities to polish their talents. Ably supported by Ms. Ruchi Sharma and Ms. Preeti Phophaliya, Mantras 11 has grown from 20 enrollments to around 1500 in just a short span of 5 years. Activities being conducted by Mantras can be broadly categorised into health and fitness, performing arts, polishing skills, games and summer camps From a child who wants to learn chess to a professional with a passion for drums... From the traditional Indian dances like Bharatnatyam and Kathak to Hiphop and Contemporary... From Zumba fitness to Nritta Yoga, Polishing your speech and teaching you how to wear a sari.. We have it all.. The teachers are all maestros in their respective field.. Mantras and the gurus do not settle for less than perfect... Our students have won laurels outside.. In dance competitions and story telling, in chess and music.